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Plating & Metal Finishing Services

CKP offers a number of plating and metal finishing options.

Nickel Plating
At CKP, you have a choice of quality nickel plated finishes:
Electroless Nickel
Electroless Nickel provides a bright, shiny finish plus the added benefit of consistent plating thickness everywhere on the part, avoiding the usual "dog-bone" effect. This is our Premium nickel finish and is available in barrel and rack.

Electrolytic Nickel
This finish provides a more decorative appearance that is quite durable. This is available in a barrel process.

Zinc Plating
Our zinc plating processes give you a lot of options. Large or small parts, big quantities or small lots, we can meet your needs. Our large automated zinc lines can provide high volume rack or barrel work in your choice of Clear, Black, Yellow, or Olive Drab Chromates to give you just the level of appearance and corrosion resistance you need.

Zinc Phosphate
Can provide a surface finish that is matte grey or black in color. Available in rack or barrel processes.

Black Oxide
This surface treatment process offers a nice, matte black appearance at low cost. This process is available in rack or barrel.


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