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Nickel Plating in Lexington Kentucky

CKP Inc Central Kentucky Processing offers Nickel plating which provides a unique combination of corrosion and wear resistance. Plating and coating is particularly important for the car industry, where innovation in coating is advancing rapidly and for which nickel is indispensable for safety and longevity.

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Zinc Plating in Lexington Kentucky

Central Kentucky Processing offers zinc plating which is frequently used to protect metals such as iron and steel against the relentless forces of corrosion. Zinc plating involves the electrodeposition of a thin coating of zinc metal onto the surface of another metal object, known as a substrate. The zinc coating creates a physical barrier that prevents rust from reaching the underlying metal surface.

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Zinc Phosphate Coating Kentucky

Zinc Phosphate is the process of converting a steel surface to iron phosphate. This is mostly used as a pretreatment method in conjunction with another method of corrosion protection such as a layer of heavy zinc phosphate. Once coated we treat the finish with a dry-to-touch oil to enhance the protection of the phosphate.

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Black Oxide Coating Kentucky

Central Kentucky Processing in Lexington Kentucky does black oxide coating which is the process of coating ferrous materials with a chemical coating process. We take products and coat them in iron oxide. Once coated we treat the finish with a dry-to-touch oil to enhance the protection of the coating.

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There is a reason why CKP Inc is the #1 choice for metal processing and plating in Lexington Kentucky. Contact us and find out why.

Central Kentucky Processing, Lexington Kentucky's best metal finishing work.

Central Kentucky Processing has a long and rich history of providing quality plating, fair pricing and on time delivery. Our customers rate us highly in quality and delivery performance.

Central Kentucky Processing, was established in 1986 and is dedicated to providing quality metal finishing work at competitive prices.

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