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Black Oxide Coating in Lexington Kentucky

Black oxide coating is the process of coating ferrous materials, stainless steel, copper, copper-based alloys, zinc, materials with a chemical coating process. It takes products, and it coats them in iron oxide. This provides many benefits. First, it reduces light reflection. This is beneficial because for products such as IR sensors, UV sensors, passive infrared detectors, etc. excess or reflected light can completely alter the results.

Also, black oxide coating is beneficial because it adds thickness to steel, even though it’s microscopic, it helps maintain the sharpness of things like drills or screwdrivers. Also, it helps reduce corrosion and friction due to the oil or wax present. The wax or oil also allows for the material to be water-resistant.

Why Black Oxide?

Real Estate Frankfort Kentucky

Black oxides are used where component accuracy and tolerance are paramount, compared to painting methods.

This method is used in fasteners, weldments, tooling and casting where oil retention and appearance are essential.

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